flooding garelli

i have a 1984 garelli super sport xl with a delorto 1412 carb. my engine really loves to flood. i have difficulty starting it. carb has been cleaned. the float and shit work. it just likes to flood.

Re: flooding garelli

Jake Van Order /

Are you sure the float needle isn't worn? Even if it is a little bit, the carburetor will flood.

Does it flood while running or while sitting still?


Re: flooding garelli

it floods when off

Re: flooding garelli

it won't flood if you turn off the fuel at the tank.. however that's not the problem.

The float bowl is just like a toilet tank. Water comes into the tank and a "float" floats on top of the water. The float is attached to a lever. At the end of that lever is a shut-off valve.

When the water gets to a certain height, the float forces the valve to close and the water shuts off.

A carb has a float and a valve (more commonly called a float needle). Your needle is not shutting off the fuel. There can be a few reasons for this.

Maybe the float is not floating. Maybe there's some bit of crud stopping the needle from seating . Maybe the float level is set so high that the needle can never shut off the fuel. Maybe the needle's tip is worn.

Check it out..

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