need beginner help with sachs engine

Kimeee Heatley /

got a 79 commuter w/sachs 505/1 engine... won't start...

i'd like to drain her... but can't find drain plugs... or at least if what i found are the drain plugs... i'm not sure what to use to open them...

can anyone help?

Re: need beginner help with sachs engine

For the transmission, the drain plug is on the left side, made out of plastic, and usually stripped. you can take he side plate off, and do the same thing, but don't take the screw out of the top of the engine.

re fill it with transmission fluid, either type 3 dextron or type f so that the fluid just dribbles out the drain hole. Use a flexible tipped funnel.

If you want to drain the gas tank, disconnect your fuel line and do it that way, and then clean out your fuel tap afterwards.

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