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Hey everyone -

I live and Iowa and a few days ago it poured like crazy and my moped was outside. (2004 Tomos Targa) . Anyway, I went to start it, and turned out the choke. Well the choke wouldn't click off. I gave it full throttle and it still wasn't clicking off. So i waited till the next day, and I tried again, and the very first time I tried it I pulled back on the throttle and it made a sound and then sort of... locked. It won't move back and fourth like it usually does. I sprayed in some WD40 but that didn't help completely either. Any ideas?

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Jason Luther /

water probably got into your cable and rusted it. id try working the carb by hand and see if you can break cable free. you may have to take the cable off and slide the wire in and out of the sheath by hand.-jason

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I tried messing with the cable and that didn't work. It's jsut the throttle is like - jammed - or something. It moves in little jolts and won't move forward and backward smoothly. Any more ideas?

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_and the very first time I tried it I pulled back on the throttle and it made a sound and then sort of… locked._

open up the throttle handle and see if something stripped or broke. _Something_ broke when you twisted the throttle.. just gotta find it.

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Jason Luther /

water got in somewhere (check your carb slide too, although it would be hard for rain to get into there). if its like a bing carb, it needs lubrication (usually the gas) to slide freely.-jason

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Jake Van Order /

Don't be afraid to take your carburetor apart. You will have to eventually when it gets clogged and needs to be cleaned. The top two screws will lead you access to the throttle slide and arm. This arm sticks into the choke lever and keeps it in place until raise the throttle slide to the highest position.

It's a very intricate system and you'll need practice getting back together once you take it apart. To see how it really works, take the airbox off of the back of the carburetor and then the metal air filter. In the back of the carburetor, you'll see the choke lever. Next, take off the top two screws and take out the throttle slide and arm. SNAP, the choke should go back. You'll have to practice sliding the throttle slide back in while shoving the arm into the right place. The arm should fit in so that it sticks between the carburetor body and the choke plate. Anytime I work on a del orto, I'll double check the choke.

Your throttle cable could have stretched and there should be adjustment screw not only on the top of the carburetor but near your throttle assembly on your handlebars.

good luck


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