piston stuck what now?

Diane Mcmellon /

i finanly pulled engine from frame opened top

then to the middle clynder with piston attached.

any sugestions? it is a type av8 motoebecaine 49cc

Re: piston stuck what now?

Leon Swarmer /

this is a little hazy. You have the engine off the frame, the head (where the sparkplug goes) off the cylinder, right?

Now you can see the top of the piston, but it won't slide up and down inside the cylinder, right??

can you put the engine in a place where the piston points straight up? Get a small can of penetrating oil and squirt it all over the piston and give it a few days to soak past the rings.

If you can see the piston through the exhaust or intake port you could squirt some in there, too.

If I have read you wrong, let me know.


Re: piston stuck what now?

Diane Mcmellon /

thanks for the reply, i did start some wd-40 and 3-1 so i will let you know

Re: piston stuck what now?

get a rod and a hammer and BEAT IT OUT!

Re: piston stuck what now?

wd-40 wont do it! Hammer beating wont do it either. You could try a flywheel remover...steady constant presure.

Re: piston stuck what now?

hmm.. anyone ever try bolting the head back on and using hydraulic pressure?

Probably have to seal the edge of the piston first with some silicone or something.. But if it breaks free and moves a little down the bore it may be easier to deal with..

Of course, if a port is already exposed, this doesn't have a snowball's chance..

Re: piston stuck what now?

Jason Luther /

what about heating the cylinder, expanding it perhaps a little more than the piston, and tapping it out. remember if the piston is at the lowest part of the stroke, youll have to block up the cylinder from the crankcase, cause the piston will NEVER move.-jason

Re: piston stuck what now?

Go get some Marvel Mystery Oil. It comes in a can or bottle and smells like christmas. (I never opened the windows when I built my model airplanes as a kid...)

That stuff will penetrate and break your seized part loose. Similar to what others said: let it soak for a few days then (instead of just a hammer) use a drift (wood block/stick) to tap it out gently. As gently as you can with a hammer... :) You can also use that oil to store your engine without fear of lockage.

– zach

Re: piston stuck what now?

Diane Mcmellon /

thanks for all the tips i am glad that there is great support

out there!

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