Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Mikael Wernberg /

Hi everyone!

I recently bought a used Ciao Bravo. To get it really in good shape I want to give it an overhaul and f.ex. change to fresh ignitionparts and so on.

My problem is that I cant get the engine out of the frame.

Wires, clutch and so on are no problem.

It's the driveshaft. It points out of a ho

Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Bruce Wilkinson /

A Ciao and a Bravo are different mopeds. Which one do you have? Look in the photo section . The Ciao engine drops out the bottom after rotating it so the shaft will clear the frame.

Grasp the unit by the cylinder head,and manoeuvre it downwards and out of the frame. It is necessary to twist the unit gradually in an anti clockwise direction when viewed from the front.

Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Mikael Wernberg /

Hi Bruce!

Thank's for your reply! =o)

I'll try your described method. I tried it before, but the motor just got stuck and I didnt want to put in to much force if there was a possibility that I might damage the mopedframe or the motor.

For your information, I live in Sweden and may meet some other brands than you do.

My moped is actually of the brand BAGHEE (se attachment).

The reason why I wrote Ciao and Bravo is to get more response than if I wrote BAGHEE. ;o)

All I know is that there was/is a company "Indo-Motors" in Gothenburg/Sweden who import

vehicles from India. The brandname of these vehicles is "BAGHEE".

I have tried to find the modelname of my moped and the closest was on this site. Here it's called "Indo-Motors Baghee 2"

The only one I can compare it with is the Vespa Bravo, so I suppose

the "BAGHEE" is a "Vespa Bravo" manufactured in India under licens from "Piaggio"/Italy.

The motor, transmission and many other parts are the same as on ordinary Vespa "Cioa's" and "Bravo's".

What do you think?




Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Bruce Wilkinson /

I'm not familiar with the Baghee. If they are made by Piaggio then parts will be easier to come by. bruce

Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

We call the Baghee the Kinetic TFR in the U.S. A. it is made by Kinetic of India.

It is a Ciao clone. Single speed like most Ciaos.

Bravos are variable speed.

Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Mikael Wernberg /

Thank you very much for your information Zippy!

I've browsed trough the photosection and BINGO, the Kinetic TFR seems to be just the one!

I will know return to the job of giving my BAGHEE (Kinetic TFR) the overhaul and hopefully i will manage to separate the engine from the frame. =o)

Once again, thank you everyone for your responses!



Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Here are afew tips that may help Mikael

Remove the spacer on the drive shaft before you remove the engine from the frame and also the carb.

Like Bruce said, you have to twist the engine inside the frame. Sometime I have the engine inside the frame and then turn it verticallly with the cylinder head down and then twist it counter clockwise until I can get the drive shaft free of the frame and the engine.

Once you get the engine out put it on a bench with the shaft up. Remove the plastic flywheel cover. You can remove the flywheel without a puller by hitting the edge of the flywheel with a RUBBER hammer or mallet to dislodge it a bit. DO NOT use a metal hammer! Then wearing heavy work gloves grip the flywheel on each side and wiggle it up the shaft. It is has strong magnetic field so it is a little bit difficult to get it up the shaft. Be sure and wear gloves because the flywheel fins are very sharp.

Good luck

Re: Ciao Bravo - Dismount engine

Mikael Wernberg /

Hi again Zippy!

What a difference good information makes!

Now I got able to dismount the engine, take the engine apart and then do it all reverse and finish up the work by testing my moped. =oD

Once again, thank you for all your help!

Best regards


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