Yamaha Razz leaking gas

My 1995 Yamaha Razz will start up but then after about 3 seconds it stalls and then gass overflows out of the engine area. I'm not sure what it is but it seems like it might be a carb problem or an air filter problem. It seems like the gas is being backed up and then released fom somewhere. If you have any clue what this might be please let me know. thanks

Re: Yamaha Razz leaking gas

Sounds more like a loose fuel line. Take off any cowling or cover from where the fuel seems to be leaking. A vacuum is created ouit of the carberator after starting the choke disengages and normal operatioon is supposed to continue. While the engine is on you will notice using the throttle will discharge the fuel. Put it on the center stand and start up and look where the fuel comes from . If you can't see you will have to take off the cowling.

Re: Yamaha Razz leaking gas

Another thing may be the float valve assembly inside the carb could be messed up. I've got a QT50 by Yamaha and sometimes the float inside the carb will not float (unlikely) or the valve will not close (more likely) and it'll start to leak like a siv out of the bottom nipple on the carb.

I talked to a dealer today and he asid this is a common problem. Unfortunatly, I forgot to ask him about how to fix it. I've noticed that I can often make it stop if I bounce the rear end of the bike up and down a few times.

Good Luck.


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