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I just got my first moped ever and its a 1980 Peugeot 102sp u3. The ped was in a state of disrepair due to prolonged neglect. I took the entire thing apart to start restoring it like cleaning, scraping the rust off, and painting the frame, derusting the fuel tank, etc... When it comes to the engine I'm a little green. Is there a way i can see if it works before i re-install it...i didnt get a chance to before because the chains were rusted and wouldnt move. I would like to know how to check it out before i go to the trouble of putting it back in. Also i was wondering if there are any repairs i should do before i reassemble it. For instance i heard that there may be some thing to do to the exhaust on Peugeots, and any other help would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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If you mount it somehow, you can turn the engine over with an electric drill with a socket attachment on the end. Usually if a moped engine turns over and the cylinder is in good shape, it is able to run just fine (ignoring carb problems). It's a good time to take the cylinder off and check it for scratches...same with the piston and rings. Replace gaskets if necessary. Clean the carb very well. Other things to do are greasing the needle bearings on the big plastic pulley.

If you have an impact wrench, you can take the clutch apart while the engine is off. It's a good idea to grease those bearings too, and clean up the clutch pads and whatnot in there.

Re: Peugeot 102 Restore

Good luck with the Peugeot. I'm totally jelous. If you have any trouble finding parts, look into the Hero Panther. The engine is essentially the Peugeot 102 engine, so there should be a lot of crossover.

Re: Peugeot 102 Restore

I thought it was more like the Batavus?

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Thanks for the info, ,i see you are from the Seattle area as well...Do you know any good places to find parts?

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