It's like I hit a kill switch

I own a yellow 1978 Honda Hobit that I bought a few weeks ago. After a new spark plug and a little bit of tweeking (air/fuel mix, etc) It runs beautifully. Just recently I took it for a ride and about 10-15 min into the ride the bike just dies as if I hit a kill switch. The Hobbit starts up again just fine and then runs again for a few mins, but dies a few minutes later. Why would my bike go from running fine to nothing at all at the drop of a hat?

Any ideas?


P.S. I dont have a manual for this bike, is it supposed to idle or cut out every time the bike stops? For a little while if I stopped the bike slowly (w/out any brakes) the engine would keep running, but again after riding awhile the idleing would not happen and the bike would shut off after stopping.


Re: It's like I hit a kill switch

chech your taillight bulb. on most peds it will kill the engine when you use the brakes if the bulb is bad or wiring is shorted.


Re: It's like I hit a kill switch

I have the same bike.. '78 PA50 II (30 mph model)

Your symptoms sound exactly like what happens when the bike is running out of gas. If you have gas in the tank, go through the entire fuel system, from the gas cap vent to the carburetor filter.. everything in between.. petcock filter, etc... And you should clean the carb.

It's not necessary that any lights work for the engine to run.

A manual for the 1983 PA50 Hobbit is here.. Good info that applies to the 1978 but the electrical diagrams don't match up ..

Heres a proper electrical diagram..

Re: It's like I hit a kill switch

You say it like you hit a kill switch, and i agree. It sound like you elecrtrical system loses spart as the bike warms up. When those copper coil that generate electricity and step it up to 30,000 volts to make your spark get warm, their ersistance increases. It sound like this is causing your bike to losing the ability to make a spark. Most of the time this is the condensor. If you have the ability to open your magneto, or can find someone to, replace the points and condensor. The problem might also be your spark plug cap, ignition wire, high coil, or ignition coil, in that order.

Re: It's like I hit a kill switch

Thanks guys will try all those



Re: It's like I hit a kill switch

I recently picked up a 78 Honda Express at a garage sell. I was having the same problem you are talking about and I just had to clean the gas tank there was allot of sediment in the tank and in the float bowl on the carb. I am was interested in rebuilding the carb untill I ran some sea foam through the fuel tank. (if you use too much your bike will run poorly just run it out) Another problem that I ran into is the mixed fuel line that goes from the mixer thing back to the carb had a air leak I just twisted some wire up on that for a quick fix now its working fine and making me proud!

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