leaking oil, what to do

Isaac Parker /

Hi, I just bought my first used moped ( a modified - SMC, Roxy). I fell in love with it on the test drive and kind of bought it on impulse. Then I discovered the thing leaks oil from the bottom and on further inspection the whole bottom is caked with it. I am going to take it to the dealer and talk to them about it and I just wanted insight from some of you more mechanically inclined moped owners about what could be wrong so I know how to talk to them. I don't think I am over reacting by saying to them it is a huge problem - right? I remember the guy sayin that with this modified engine its important that you put oil each time you gas, so it should be a big problem if oil is leaking out period I would think. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

Re: leaking oil, what to do

Tab Patterson /

Well...a common problem I have seen is oil coming out from the exhaust pipe seal. It blows out and cakes the bottom...and drips. That might be your problem. Could just be loose exhaust pipe studs.

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