honda pa 50 II woes

okay I have a few issues here-

I found out that my rear brake shoes were in fact worn down, and replaced them, so now the brake engages when it should. but now when I pull the handle, the brake engages quickly, but i can continue to pull the handle back, and can never lock up the rear wheel. is it possible that when the cable gets old it becomes stretchy? I dont know how else to explain it, though the cable looks ti be in find shape in the parts where it is showing.

Second issue- I have always experienced some 4-stroking at around 26 mph, and i recently replaced my ghetto homeade air filter with a stock one, which made me 4-stroke at around 15 mph and made my performance much shittier. someone suggested removing the air filter altogether, so I tried it, and the ped runs much stronger and louder, and never 4-strokes. my question is, is it okay to leave the filter out? or an I just asking for carb troubles that way? could this be a sign that I need to clean my carb in order for it to work well with the filter in place? related question- I burned out my exhaust a few months ago but it didnt seem to help much. any idea what would happen if I were to adapt one of those little 2-stroke mufflers from the hardware store to my ped?

I mean one of these do-hickies: true value mufflers break> thanks for the help,


Re: honda pa 50 II woes

The rear cable is a long, thin one. Although the brake cable is fairly strong I bet if i really lean on it i can break something. Is the cable stretching or is the sheath compressing? Is one of the adjusters stripped or compressing somehow? Is the handle mount loose?

That sheath is about a mile of coiled flat steel covered in plastic. Since your bike has suffered some rust problems maybe the cable sheath is gone too.

When it's set up right the brake handle should more or less stop moving when the brake is engaged hard. If it continues to "stretch" something's wrong.

As far as locking up the wheel, there are a few factors to consider.. like the weight of the bike (112 pounds) plus your weight (?). Locking up the wheel depends on how much weight, how fast you are going, the condition of the road surface and the incline.. those tiny brakes are .. well.. tiny.

When you get the correct air filter element the bike will run fine. Mine runs fine with the stock filter element. If the bike has an air leak somewhere or has been modified, you are dealing with the unknown as far as the correct amount of air resistance a filter should provide. But, you have to run some sort of filter if you want long engine life. Without a filter, you wont have carb troubles.. you will have internal engine component troubles.

Burned out your exhaust? Need more details.. I can't see that big heavy stock muffler burning out. What exactly burned out? As far as using the little lawnmower mufflers, i use one as a silencer on the end of an expansion chamber. I cut it open and put in glass packing. It does little more than reduce the sharp edge that the chamber produces. I need something about 3 times as long and a little bigger in diameter. As a primary muffler on the end of a straight pipe, those little things are pretty useless.

If you made any modifications to the stock bike, list them. Otherwise it's hard to suggest solutions.

Re: honda pa 50 II woes

I am thinking of putting a high preformance exaust pipe onto my Express and I dont want it to injure my motor. I am concerned about exaust compression and what that could do if I change that on this motor to something diffrent sence it is a very old but very strong 2cycle motor it may or may not be a good idea. Just looking for some advice so please advize away. info: the high preformance pipe that I want to put on here is a camco product for a 50cc engine just like the one in my scooter. What do yall think I should do?

Re: honda pa 50 II woes

It is very likely that if you substitute _any_ performance pipe for a stock muffler, you will see a huge performance improvement. No other modifications will be necessary. Nothing will be damaged.

That being said, as always when modifying the engine in any way, plug chops should be done to determine if the engine is still getting the proper fuel/air mixture at all RPMs. Carb adjustments or a different main jet could be neeeded. Adequate lubrication is always a concern, especially so with a modified engine.

Engines that are able to rev higher and produce more power require more than normal attention. If you don't like devoting more time in that direction, keeping everything stock may be preferable.

Re: honda pa 50 II woes

Garrett Bobb /

the brake cable does appear to stretch- the sheath is fine, and I cant detect any problems with the cable, yet I can watch the rear brake arm thats on the drum reach the limit of its movement, and I can still pull the handle all the way down to the grip. nothing is loose, and the sheath isnt moving around. I am baffled. as far as locking up the wheel is concerned, I'm not worried about it, I just figured that a good brake would be able to do that.

As far as the air filter goes, the stock one seems to cause all kinds of problems. a few months ago I wanted to do something about my 4-stroking, so I read that my filter might be clogged. I took it out and it looked pretty dirty, so I tried replacing it with some element I bought at auto zone. This proved to be just as bad, so I kept making it thinner until 4-stroking was minimized (only above 26 mph) when I purchased my new brake shoes, I decided to go ahead and get a new stock filter element, and when I put it in, the 4-stroking was the worst ever. right now i have no filter and I am lovign the way the ped runs- much more lively and fast and no 4-stroking. Where could my problem be?

When I said that I had burned out the exhaust, I mean that I followed some advice I got on this site to put the exhaust in a fire, to burn out all those nasty partially-combusted hydrocarbons that can clog it up. So i burned it out good and knocked it out, and didnt see any change in performance. So if the filter isnt the problem, and I cleaned out my exhaust, why am I 4-stroking?

I havent really made any modifications. Should i give in and dish out some dough to get a expansion pipe from

thanks for the help,


Re: honda pa 50 II woes

Something about that brake cable is not normal. It wasn't designed that way. The system was designed to do just the opposite.. to not stretch. I would tear it all out from the handle bar to the brake lever and find whatever is wrong with it.

As far as your running rich with an air filter...

Are you using the 100% stock airbox and if so are there any unintended restrictions in any part of it.. Some sort of air restriction could explain why you can't run with a filter.

Is that little rubber 3-holed intake thing clogged with rocks or dirt? Pull the filter element out and get a flashlight and look into the rectangular hole.. Did a mouse have puppies in there? Drop the engine and remove the carb and look through the hole where it connects to the box.. or get a piece of wire and explore around in the box.. Something is restricting air.

The problem could even be a faulty choke for all i know. Is it actually opening all the way?

BTW, the stock main jet is a #78. Maybe a previous owner changed it to something else?

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