78 honda exp upgrades??

Hey I just bought a 78 honda express nothing special about it or anything, but I do need to replace some cables but I dont want to spend a butt load of money buying them from honda. I sure would like to know where to find the secret Godfather of Honda parts.

I am very interested in upgrading my scooter in anyway. I am very content with my scooter the way it is and if I need to get somewhere fast then I will take my Key West. I found some kemco high preformance exaust parts that I want to put onto my 78 express but I dont want to hurt the engine. I dont want to limit the exaust compression or damage the engine in any way. The pipe that is on it is original and has some rust on it I can clean it up like new and paint the cover but I just want to see what I can do with the exaust. Please I am open to advice

Re: 78 honda exp upgrades??

Use a bicycle cable if it fits. Cut it to make it fit. Cables are pretty simple things and can be modified in a pinch.. Entire bikes can be purchased for a couple bucks at a thrift store. Bring a measuring tape.

btw, the secret godfather of cheap Honda parts lives at the motorcycle scrapyard where bike go to die.. don't tell him i sent you.. this conversation never happened.. i don't know you.

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