sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

I have a 1980 sachs seville, 505-1d motor, i was crusing today and it sounded like the transmission flipped into neutral, it reved up but i was going nowhere, so i shut it off. Now it wont start, the decompression lever doesnt seem to work. I checked the cable and everything but the pedal never seems to get any harder to pedal. It also doesnt seem that to motor turns over, it did a few times when i had the spark plug out, but doesnt when its it. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

Open up your clutch/transmission. That's where your problem is at, and it's probably not good.

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

i took a little look in there, threre didnt seem to be anything broke or metal flakes. i guess its time to send it to the shop

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

It sure does sound like the clutch (or something else) is not engaging.

you mentioned the decompression lever.. That would appear to have absolutely nothing to do with the symptoms you describe.. This lever pulls a cable which opens a valve in the head and releases pressure. If that valve is completely open there's no compression so it won't run at all.. however, if the valve is partly open, the engin may run...

If the decompression lever failed at the same time the engine started giving you problems, it may not be a coincidence. I would think that examining that lever and cable and valve might point to the direction of the 'other' problem..

Describe what you mean by "the motor turns over".. Most time this phrase means that the engine actually starts and runs.

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

i checked the decompression lever pretty good, it seems to be working fine. What i mean when i say "turns over", is actually when the spark plug is out and you peddle you can hera the motor turn(liquidy sound), it might be that i cant hear that when the spark plug is in. I am going to tear the trans open tonight or tommorow. Thanks!!

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

Joew, if you don't know sachs, that is true. With a Sachs, the decompression lever and starting clutch are on the same cable, it's a pain in the ass set up, but, it's what is there.

KennyV, One thing that may have happened is that the basket that holds the clutch plates may have loosened up. Check that The nut on the end of the clutch shaft is tight when you re- assemble it, and use a deep socket around the shaft to pound the bottom piece back on. This can be done with just the side cover taken off the engine. Ideally there should be a notch and key there, but the friction fit on the shaft is enough. Try and find an exploded view of the sachs engine and clutch, before you tear it too far apart.

e-mail me if you need some more help.

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

You're right.. I don't know Sachs.

i had no idea that the decompression lever problem would have anything to do with the start clutch, other than my experience tells me that coincidences are rare when it involves things that break at the same time. I just couldn't connect the two, probably just because i never use decompression when starting. Of course, the two functions are intimately related.

I like the idea of getting both jobs done with one cable. It seems like every moped model has it's own nice little tricks, and i consider this to be one of Sach's.

Re: sachs flipped into neutral now wont start!!

Jake Van Order /

The nut that keeps the whole shebang on is loose. This happened to me last summer. It was kind of strange to have an engine that was in neutral. Anyway, you have to take off the carb, then take off the plate that covers the transmission. At this point, make sure there is a pan under the bike, transmission fluid will come out. Unscrew the large, long screw that everything swivels on. Make sure that spring doesn't fly away. At this point, move the arm to the side, and take off the bell. Is the large nut loose? If so, that's your problem.

Here's the tricky part. You have to hold that oblong washer still while tighting on the nut. There is a special tool for it but I guess a wrench could work. Tighten the nut down and put everything back together. You should be good to go.


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