Sachs No Fire

Nephew's '80 G3 Sachs has no fire at plug. Blue lead from magneto to positive side of coil shows no voltage on multi-meter when cranking, , verified no ground on blue lead from kill switch or harness. Points at .016, does read resistance in coil negative to positive. What should I see on meter on blue lead from magneto when unplugged from harness? Looks like yellow from magneto is for head/tail-light, blue/black for stop stops, blue for ignition only. What resistance should be seen on positive coil (with and with-out plug grounded)?

Re: Sachs No Fire

Since no one would reply, had to fix myself. Now have a spark at plug you could weld with! Had to use some old race car engineering, but can now be sure will always have spark, and no plug fouling. Runs like a raped ape now. Thanks for nothing.

Re: Sachs No Fire


I admit I'm new to MA and I just saw your post. Since I love Sachs mopeds I might need to use your trick in the future. What did you do?



Re: Sachs No Fire

Thanks for nothing?

You learned a thousand times more by fixing it yourself than you would have if someone told you the answer (assuming someone knew the answer, which they didn't or they would have said so).

You're welcomed.

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