Bent Forks?

Etheran St.james /

I've an 83 bullet, when I took the front tire off to replace an inner tube the tire dropped out with little more than a downward knock. I disconnected the speedo and brake no problem.

When I went to place the tire back on it became very apparent that I would have to figure out a new way.

The two prongs of the fork are too close to allow me to put it back together properly. Try as I might, they would not bend far enough apart to drop onto the axle. I removed the speedometer to allow more space and got the wheel bolted back on, but would like to fix this in a proper manner. The forks do not look bent at all and worked fine when riding before.

May this indicated a bent fork? Any recommendations on getting through this?

I may try again with two friends, one pulling on either prong while I put the wheel back on, is this asking for trouble? Would it more likely break or bend?

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