Problems with 78 Express NC50

I am having troubles with my 1978 Honda Express NC50. The headlight will only turn on if I have the light in the "Hi" position, and it is still quite dim when in the "Hi" position. I also cannot get the horn or the taillights to work. I have checked the wires on the inside of the headlight bezel and they all appear to be attached/plugged in. Could I have a ground problem? This does not have a battery, did they come with them? Any help will be appreciated.

unplug the headlight NOW

Leon Swarmer /


The NC50 will run without the battery. but it will burn out

the other element of the headlight... and they are high dollar.

You'll be looking for a 6 volt battery that should be under the seat. 2 amp hour.

Once you add a battery you'll have a lot more working.


Re: unplug the headlight NOW

I ended up wiring the brakelight/taillight wire to another wire that was hot in the headlight bezel and they were lighting up but very dim. After I unplugged the rectifier under the seat everything is running bright and I do not need to purchase a battery. I was planning on purchasing a battery but there are no leads for the battery under the seat, no where for me to hook it up, appears like they might be missing. I guess this is working for now....

Re: unplug the headlight NOW

Leon Swarmer /

I don't know what running without the rectifier will do

I am betting that if you had a newer ped with CDI that you might of fried it. Thankfully you have points. The battery (if you had a way to connect it) acts as a bit of a voltage regulator when you get the engine up to higher rpm.

I am still not betting on a long life expectancy for your headlight.....maybe you can prove me wrong though

good luck,


Re: unplug the headlight NOW

the hook up for the battery on that bike should be a little harness, the battery is male, and the bike is female, it just plugs in, there should be a green wire-ground, a red wire-hot, and I think the other is black/white, if the harness is missing and the bike runs, green and red are the two that needs hooked up, the other one is jumped through the harness

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