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My sachs engine ruuns fine for about 5 minutes then just cuts out. If I let it sit for a minute it starts right back up. I have no idea what could be causing this... any ideas?

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Jake Van Order /


a.) your condensor is bad.

The condensor has a bit of wax in it. When the wax gets deformed and then heated up it no longer allows the bike to work properly. That's why you ride for a little bit, it doesn't work and when you wait, you have spark.

or b.) your petcock is clogged alot.

If your petcock is clogged, gas will get through but not enough to keep the bike running. If you let the bike sit, enough gas will trickle into the carburator to get it started but then it can't keep enough gas flowing to keep it running.

I'd check the petcock first. The way to test for this is to set the petcock to "off" and then take off the fuel line from the petcock to the carb. Turn the fuel on. Do this outside because gas will flow out. Does a lot come out?

If not, it must be the condensor. To fix either of these issues, do a search in this forum or even further way back in the "general moped forum"

Hope that helps.


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Leon Swarmer /

c. the vent in your fuel cap could be plugged.. as you burn fuel the tank must bring in air to fill the space of the gas or it will create a vacuum and stop the fuel flow.

crAck the CAP when it starts to run badly. see if it helps.

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Jason Luther /

d. your filter screen might be clogged in your carb (thats if it has one, but i imagine it does)

e. your inlet valve to your carb bowl is clogged

clean your carb thoughly-jason

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Edward Edwards /

I have an Eagle ll with a Sachs engine that gave me the same problem. I isolated the trouble to the ignition coil in the magneto, when it shut off by itself I used a volt meter to see if it had voltage by spinning the flywheel by hand. The lighting coil had voltage, but the ignition coil had none. About an hour later it had voltage, so I figure it has an intermitting open in the coil. I changed out the coil with some of the spare parts I have on hand and it works perfectly now.

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Hi, i suffer from the same problem. Do you know where i could get a ignition coil(i have a 1980 seville)? My bike runs for 1/2 hour or so, then spray a little carb cleaner in it, and it runs great for another 1/2 hour.Thanks!!

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Edward Edwards /

If you spray carb cleaner & it runs, it's not your coil. The problem is in you fuel system or carb.

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there is nothing left in the carb or fuel system to check or replace.

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Is your gas tank rusty or dirty?

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Re: sachs cutout

Check and make sure that your wires are good- they can get pinched by the fork when turning, burnt and melted by the head fins, or just wiggle loose form the block. I try and solder and heat-shrink any brakes I find.

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And the petcock? If it starts once you have sprayed, it should be the petrol, not the spark...

BTW ifyou need any spares - I'm parting a '90 Sachs. But do check the fuel problem AGAIN. Sometimes it does help ;-)


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