FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

I'm new to scooters, just got 2. One runs great, one is..uh..sitting.

I just aquired an 85 FA50 here in Seattle. It has 305 miles on it, and is in great condition, starts right up, etc. After warming it up, I got it up to around 30. Then, I decided to "floor" the gas, and it bogged down on me and lost power, so I let up on the gas. It almost felt like I flooded it. Anyway after doing that, the scooter started stalling when I stopped at intersections. It happened 3-4 times and it took a while to get it started again, and I finally made it back home.

Any ideas? I know it needs a new battery, but I don't think that's causing it. Also a little white smoke usually, but maybe that's normal? I'm new to one of these and still need to get a manual, but I couldn't help myself from taking it out last night! Anything I can do to solve this?

Oh also I got a 82 Honda express, but it doesn't run. Project bike! Anyone in the Seattle area want to help? hehehe.



Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

Would you like a "Troubleshooters" list from the manual? I can send you a copy by mail. I seem to be the self appointed manual man around here for FA50s. In the meantime, I'd do the normal list of things like get a new plug, make sure the gas is fresh and make sure you have oil in the oiltank and that it is being pumped to the engine. You can buy a complete official manual from Suzuki dealers like I did for about $45. Seems high, but everyone seems to need the information contained in it.

Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

Couldnt this also be a problem with the carb? I might clean the carb and it could solve the problem.

Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

I, for one, agree. A little debris could have caused the carb to go sour, although you said it sounds like too much gas now? It never hurts to thoroughly clean the carb. You know the steps? Solvent, tiny wire, and compressed air, then do it all again. Oh, and check the floats. Maybe somehow they got stuck down and let too much gas in the bowl. Who knows.

Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

Everything seems to be pointing to the carb, so I'll check that out. I've never cleaned one out, but i'll get a manual on Ebay or something soon for the FA50. Does the manual tell me how to clean the carb and what to get, or is there a resource somewhere online, maybe "cleaning carbs for dummies" and what type of solvent, "tiny wire", etc?


Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

The carbs are pretty simple. You just need to have a clean area like a towel. There should be exploded diagrams of the carb around. Use lacquer thinner as a solvenet, carb cleaning wires are available at bike shops or the internet, or just use a tiny piece of steel wire off a wire brush. The pilot jet (smaller of the two) seems to get clogged more easily. Once you've soaked and poked, get an air compressor with a blow nozzle and blast and and all openings. Then do everything a second time. Check for a groove in the float valve needle, etc. etc. and reassemble. There's a good chance you'll tear the bowl gasket, but it can be replaced or repaired with Permatex.


Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

That's a crazy address. Sorry. Just go to Bikebandit.com and then go to OEM parts and search for your scooter, then go to carburettor for a diagram.

Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

An update:

I cleaned out the carb like advised and put it all back together. Still wouldn't start. I sprayed a bit of gas into the carb where the air filter connects, and it started up! It was idling very high and the back wheel was spinning. I turned it off. I also replaced the fuel lines going from the petcock to the carb. I drained the and added fresh gas. When the petcock was in the on position, i noticed no gas going down the fuel line. Is this suppose to happen? I tried starting again, wouldn't start. I sprayed gas into the carb again and started like the first time, so I turned if off. Then, I switched the petcock to reserve and saw gas go down the fuel line into the carb. But it still wouldn't start.

So it looks like I have a carb problem still AND the petcock is faulty (like the diaphram or something inside is blocking the ON position gas from moving).

has anyone taken the petcock apart before on an FA50? Any ideas why it still won't start with reserve gas in the carb?



Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

According to the manual, there is a position on the fuel petcock to prime the fuel bowl of the carb. The position to do this is where the lever is parallel to the ground (pointing to the front of the scooter) You are supposed to let it sit like this for a few seconds to let fuel flow into the bowl and fill it. Once it is full, return the lever to the "on" position and kick start. The fuel won't flow in the "on" position because there is a vacuum operated fuel pump in the fuel petcock and it will only start working when the engine is turning over. This confused me also for awhile. Give it a try and let us know.

Re: FA50 shuttle runs great, but...

It sounds like you have the manual and i have a need for getting the kick starter working.

do you have a schematic (sp) for it that yu could get to me?

Thank you John Horne

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