Indian battery

I have a (77?) four stroke Indian that I am working on and I need to replace the battery. It says Yuasa Battery Taiwan and has the number MBC1-6(I). I went to Yuasa's website and they only sell batteries for much newer vehicles apparently.

I looked at some of the online moped places but they didn't seem to have anything like that. Any suggestions on where to look?

Re: Indian battery, if they don't have the Indian listed just look for the number on the list, they have a pretty vast list of motorcycle batteries

Re: Indian battery

Just match the voltage, amperage and size. Is it 6 volts?


Re: Indian battery

Having the same problem, I think the battery type was discontinued, I'm gonna give a 6n2 a try

Re: Indian battery

Re: Indian battery

If you have A Batteries Plus outlet in your area, they may have one, they have all sorts of oddball things.

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