Need help resurrecting dead Tomos Red Bullet...

Christian Baekkelund /

I recently was given a dead Tomos Bullet. I'm pretty sure it's a 1987 Red Bullet, but not 100% sure at all.

I'd love to get it working again, but unfortunately, a few things make such difficult:

1) I have almost no money to spend on it

2) I have almost no automotive knowledge/experience (in other words, I have no clue what i am doing!...heh)

3) I have no shop manual or reference for the moped

Now, here's the current situation:

- The last time it was successfully run was a year ago (last summer). No one has tried to start it since then until just the other day. Apparently during a large portion of the past year it was left outside in the rain, some point though, it was moved to an outdoor shed (so was still subjected to the extreme New England temperature changes, but no snow/rain).

- I put air in the tires, cleaned some of the major grime buildup, and gave it a bit of lube to some of the external clearly moving parts (chain, etc.).

- The tanks is about 1/2 full of year old fuel still.

- I try to start it up and nothing happen. Nothing at all. Nothing firing (that I can tell/hear), nada.

So, any ideas?...what are the most likely possible problems, how would I diagnose them, and how would I repair them?

Now, with my limited automotive knowledge, I figure it is quite possibly electrical, no? I have no idea if the spark plug is even firing, and that should be one of the first things I check out, no? (I don't have a spark plug socket easily available and am going to need to borrow one from a someone.) How can I check to see if it's firing if I can get it out? Just leave the cap on?...don't I need to ground it out somehow though?

A friend also mentioned that it might just be that the cylinder and piston of rusted up/siezed/stuck (esp., since it was left out in the rain)? I was told I should be able to tell by when I get the spark plug off just turning the pedals and see if I can see the piston moving?

Also, how is the old fuel? Do I need to drain the tank and put in new fuel, probably?

What else?

Lots of thanks to whoever can help!... :)


Re: Need help resurrecting dead Tomos Red Bullet..

It should run with the old fule. It will run lousey, but it should run.

Get the spark plug wrench from a friend and install a new plug. While changing the spark plug and it is out spray some WD40 into the cylinder and see if the engine turns over. (Pedal backwards.) If so install the spark plug and see if it will fire up. If so do not run it too long, the old fule may gum up the works. Make sure when you replace the old fule with new that you premix the gass, or that the oil tank is full if it is automix.

If this does not work then go to the resources section and look for and read Fred's Guide.

Re: Need help resurrecting dead Tomos Red Bullet..

Leon Swarmer /

Kevin's advice is good. but I want to add a few bits....

don't just buy a new plug and put it in. You'll need to measure and maybe adjust the spark plug gap. I don't know the correct setting, hope somebody else will tell you. The parts store can sell you a cheap feeler gauge for a buck or two.

Before you put the new plug in..(after you have watched the piston move up and down in the cylinder)

put the plug wire on the plug, hold the fattest metal part of the plug against a good ground (preferable with insulated pliers or something) ..lke the cooling fins. Make sure your ignition and/or kill sitch is on, Have someone else spin the pedals backwards. look for a good Blue spark jumping across the gap. If you get yellow spark it might run, but not well. You might need to make sure you are looking against a dark colored back ground If you don't see any spark with it outside of the cylinder there is No way that ped is going to run when you put it in.

Assuming you have spark, be gentle when you are putting the plug in. it doesn't take near the torque to tighten it as is does to take it out. Heads are not as strong as you might think and many threads have been ruined by someone who gives an extra tiwst on the rachet

Have fun,


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