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I am having a small problem with my 68 P50. I replaced the carburator upon advise of the cycle repair shop and now it does start easy. The problem is after about 10 minutes of running if you go about 15 to 20 MPH it will hesitate off and on. Is there an adjustment I can do or I need the cycle repair shop to do something?



Re: Honda P50 Question

it sounds like you are not gettng an uninterrupted flow of clean fuel to the carburator.

Check the gastank cap for a clear vent hole. If it gets clogged the tank develops a vacuum. Also remove the petcock and check the filter and/or screens for crud. Check any other fuel filters and the fuel lines.

Another thing could be contaminated fuel. Water in the fuel, or sometimes even 2-stroke oil (is that bike a 2-stroke?) can cause problems.

One time i had a similar problem. For some reason, the 2-stroke oil was seperating from the gasoline and i found small globs of oil in my float bowl. When a glob of pure oil was sucked into the engine there was a hesitation.

The float level might be low or the float needle could be sticking.. If the carb was replaced with an identical unit i would not suspect that the float needle orifice is too small for that engine...

Of course make sure you have enough fuel in the tank. When the tank is near empty, you can get air bubbles in the lines.

Theres a million reasons .. these are some of the easiest ones to check.

Re: Honda P50 Question

Steven Nelson /

thanks, I will check everything you suggest.

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