i'm thinking about ordering a new jialing NP50T-MA and am wondering how available parts are for it. it's not to my knowledge a big name brand, so would i have problems finding replacement parts? also, i'm big into do-it-yourself wrenching and for most other bikes you can find shop manuals that tell you how to fix nearly anything on it (example: clymer manuals for hondas). is there a honda equivalent of the np50t-ma? it looks a lot like the pa50, but i don't know if the mechanical stuff is the same. i'd appreciate any help you guys can give - decepticon's rule!


The owner of NP-MotorSports says that it comes with a manual and that he has a complete supply of new parts.

Some other information in this thread -

Re: NP50T-MA

does "manual" mean owner's manual or repair manual? they can end up being 2 very different things, and anything that i've ever bought that's made in china and shipped to the u.s. hasn't had very extensive instructions. it is good to know that they have parts available - this is a big investment for me and i need to be sure i can fix it if i break it. thanks for the quick reply.

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