sachs moped

Edwin Johnson /

i have a 78 sachs

.. need to get a key or the key blank number

also could use an idea as to how the lock on the fork can be taken apart...

Re: sachs moped

My experience regarding these locks is minimal but here's what i think..

The tumbler barrels in the locks usually have a clip or pinhole that is revealed when the fork is not locked or when the lock itself is removed from the bike. If this is not the case and if there is no obvious way to remove the lock (no screws or bolts ) then it may not be removable. Instead, there could be a special key that reaches deeper than the real key. This special key extends further into the barrel and when it turns, it disengages it so the barrel can be removed.

Once the barrel is out, new tumblers and/or keys can be arranged. If nobody volunteers specific info about your bike, a locksmith should be helpful as far as removing the tumbler barrel and making new keys.

Re: sachs moped

Edwin Johnson /

got it apart.... it was unlocked and i took fork apart...used a small punch from inside...turned out it was stuck due to corrosion.. now all i need is a key blank

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