2001 Honda Elite 80

Hello to all!

Anyone know where to get a shop/repair manual for one of these.

I need the book or someone who knows these pretty well.

This is a 14 mm bolt which screws straight up into the bottom of engine. This was removed and the following contents came out. A very small amount of oil (1 to 2 ounces), a long spring, a white plastic cap, a 1.5 inch long metal shaft with several holes in it (my guess is for oil flow.) The spring has a very unusual shape and I have no idea which order the came out or go in?

This was mistaken by myself for the oil drain plug (dumb ASS.)

I have owned many different motorcycles and all had a drain plug positioned as this bolt was positioned.

Needless to say the oil has now been changed put I do not want to try to run the bike without knowing for sure that these before mentioned parts were reinstalled in the correct order.

You might ask why didn't I didn't remove the bolt slowly? I did and upon the last thread I had no idea that it was spring loaded so everything just flew out!

Any help would be great!

This scooter is the best with about 1400 miles on it, it has performed flawlessly and I have used it everyday since 10/05/03 which was the day that I bought it. That's right, everyday through the winter and rain and cold as this is my only form of transportation.

Thanks again,

Eden Weiss


Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

If believe Honda dealer has manual for it, I looked all over the internet while working on my Elite and couldn't find one.

There is a bunch of scooter forums

I sold my scooter today- Honda Elite150- 87, that was the very nice bike.


Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

Looks like you have a nice XXXXX HAD a nice machine there and would have loved to have tried it out. Was it driveable oin the thruway?

I selected the 80 because it is virtually the same size as the 50 and therefor does not need reg tags in the state of CT.

Any idea of what I am talking about with that bolt?

Thanks for the post!


Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

We are lucky in CT with very liberal moped/scooter laws

Unfortunelly I don't know anything about your problem.

Try scooter forums, I did find one forum where the guy named Randy Pozzi was sharing his knowledge-his really good.try yahoo groups and look for ch80hondaelite group.

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

Thanks Ziggy I will try now!

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

hmm.. kinda sounds like the cam chain tensioner spring and adjuster on my honda C70 .. The bolt looks like a drain plug, mounted at an angle on the bottom of the crankcase..

Is this engine a 4 stroke?

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

JoeW is correct.

It is the Cam Chain Tensioner sealing bolt. Measure the spring. It should be 4.40 inches or 111.7 mm long and no shorter than 4.11 or 104.4 mm.

Attached is a pic. When you put it back in, it should be torqued at 27-33 ft lbs.


Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

Thanks for the input JoeW

This is a 4 stroke engine....

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

you're welcomed..

that pic Zippy posted for you should be enough to get the parts back in the right order. After that, you'll have to readjust the chain, of course.

Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

Everthing went back together fine....Thanks so much for the picture it was just what I needed.

I am not familiar with adjusting the cam tensioner though? How does one do that!

It runs and drives fine but now that you mention it I did hear some clinking noise which sounds like chain slop?

Any info would be great!

Thanks again,


Re: 2001 Honda Elite 80

On this C70, you warm up the bike and shut off the engine. then restart and idle.

Loosen the cam tensioner locknut and lock bolt. (these are a couple inches above the bolt you removed, up there near the kickstarter area)

Slowly loosen the lockbolt until the cam chain becomes quiet and stop. Then retighten the locknut. (the tension is automatically set by that spring).

On some bikes, if the chain is still noisy there is an internal screw you can adjust. That second adjustment screw is inside the area that the spring is. You would remove that bolt that you accidentally took out and stick a scrwedriver up there..

For your particular bike the adjustment proceedure may be different.. Hunt down an owner's manual. This is a normal, schedualed tuneup proceedure so it should be in that manual.

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