Puch Brake locking up

Okay, I have just replaced the front forks on my Newport last night. I got the wheel on, hooked up the brake cable. The wheel turns freely. I set the brake cable up, and I am testing it out. I spin the wheel (spinning freely) and then I apply the brakes and the wheel stops. I go to spin the wheel again and the wheel will not spinning and is hard to turn. I jiggle the wheel and it spins freely again. I inspect and it seems the brake is sticking or not retracting fully. Any thoughts?

Re: Puch Brake locking up

Possibly sticking brake cable? don-ohio

Re: Puch Brake locking up

I thought that also, but the cable retracts and the brake arm moves back to it orignal postion. If have the brake cable unattached and the wheel off it spins freely on the axle. I seems that when the wheel is on the frame, and the brake cable is attahced at certain tension the brake locks up. The brake cable did not stick before I switch out the forks.

One other thing: The lower brake shoe is not as far away from drum as the upper brake shoe. It does not retract as far and stays very close to the drum. Could this be a bad cam or spring?



Re: Puch Brake locking up

Anything's possible,Fred. Even the wrong parts could be in there. I use hi-temp grease on the brake cam and where the lever stub enters the hub. Yes, that spring or those springs could be weak. A loose wheel bearing will allow drag also,or a bent axle. don-ohio

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