79 vespa grande wants to start

my grande wont start. it feels like it wants to start, the lights will turn on, the horn is able to honk but it will not start... I think it might be the carb. but im not sure. i also dont know were i would get a new or old one if it is the carb. This is my first moped and i realy want to hit the road. if anyone has any sugestions could you please tell me what might be wrong with it. my uncle said it needs a new "air breather" and im not sure what that is. please help me.

thank you

Re: 79 vespa grande wants to start

"air breather" sounds like its part of the carb. i'm very new to this too. you should be able to pick up some carb cleaner from your local auto shop. its got all the directions on the can, if that doesnt do it ask someone alittle more experienced....

79 vespa grande wants to start

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