Puch Maxi 1sp slow to speed up


I have worked on this '76 for the best two weekend. I have cleaned the head and cylinder, the carb. replaced all the gaskets except tranny cover.

The bike runs fine, but it is really slow for the engine really to get up to full speed. I don't mean regular speed issues with mopeds.

Once I get it up to 20mph at full throttle, I have to let up a bit as it bogs just slightly. It speeds up a bit more, I feel the engine speeding up. I get it up to 25MPH and I have to let up on the throttle more, and then finally after several minutes I have it up to 30MPH.

I have a 1/15/46A 62 Jet.

Is it timming? Dirty points? I have cleaned the exhausts. Do I need to lower a jet size? Different airbox size?



Re: Puch Maxi 1sp slow to speed up

Michael Nesson /

My friend has the same ped and had a similar problem. We adjusted the timing and throttle cable and it runs great now! He can go 35mph without a problem!

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