1980 Tomos A3 Bullet

J. Alvarez /

The throttle seems a bit "sticky"........whats the best remedy?

Re: 1980 Tomos A3 Bullet

Assuming you haven't discovered where it is binding, lube and straighten out everything from the carb to the throttle.. If the cable is rusted it might need replacement.

The throttle grip itself should be greased where it slips on the handlebars. Check inside the throttle grip's mounting bracket and see if something's hung up.

No kinks and proper routing through the frame to the carb.

Check the sheath ends for damage. Pull the cable out of the sheath (if it can come out) and grease it.

Use carb cleaner on the carb linkage.

Find out where it is jammed up and fix it. On all bikes i know of, just the little throttle return spring on the carb should be able to retract the whole mechanism.

Re: 1980 Tomos A3 Bullet

had that problem, take the throtle cover off (on the handgrip) and spray in some dry lubricant such as graphite. Then work the throttle to spread it evenly. Should solve it.

Re: 1980 Tomos A3 Bullet

oiling the throttle & cable once in awhile is a good practice. Usually works for me.


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