Simple Coil/magneto wiring

Matthew Yeah /

Okay, I finally found a wiring diagram that is appropriate for my ped, but it's kinda overkill for what I'm doing.

Basically, I'm just trying to get this thing sparking, with NOTHING external as of yet. I think I've determined that the blue wire from the magneto is AC (spark), and that I need to connect this thing to the coil, but the coil layout is weird (to me). Where are the 2 wires (black and blue) from the magneto supposed to connect on the coil? The coil has only one real connector on it, and it had a black wire connected to it. The other 2 places on the coil that look as if you screw down wires both ground to the frame. If so, wouldn't this just short out the spark trigger wire?

It almost makes sense to me that the isolated connector be for the blue wire instead of the black, but that's not how it was wired, nor does the diagram show it that way.

If needed I can provide pictures of the coil, maybe someone can explain it to me on a "stupid" level.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Simple Coil/magneto wiring

Jake Van Order /

what comes off of the condensor/points? That goes to the high tension coil. Sometimes the ignition coil in the magneto has a ground wire coming off. This wire has to be grounded somehow or else no spark. The other coil in the magneto should be for lighting.

What type of magneto/stator plate combination is it? CEV? Bosch? Motoplat? Motobecane?


Re: Simple Coil/magneto wiring

Matthew Yeah /

Thanks for taking to time to read and respond.

The magneto flywheel is stamped Ducati Electronica. The Coil is CEV.

Sorry, I reallze how retarded I sounded on my initial post. The magneto has the three wires coming out if it, I I understand where they go. I think that the only thing I really need cleared up is where the blue and black magneto wires as supposed to connect onto the coil.

The black was connected to the isolated screw connector on the side of the coil (directly opposite the spark plug wire). This black wire come directly off of the top of the condensor.

There was a wire also mounted onto the front bolt that mounts the coil to the frame. I assume this is connector for the blue wire that comes off of one of the coils inside the magneto. The only thing that concerns me with this connector is that is goes under a bolt that connects to the frame, thus shorting it to the frame. Is this okay?

Thanks again,


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