2 speed puch shifting problems

My two speed puch shifts likes crap.

It will rev up high as hell like it wants to shift then when it/if it does it takes forever for the shift to complete itself once it begins the actual shifting. Got me?

It sort of did this a while ago but i could always "make" it shift by letting up on the throttle. now this doesn't work either.

IS it possible to easily change this into a one speed tranny by just taking out the clutch and the gears and throwing in the ones from a one speed za50?

please help

Re: 2 speed puch shifting problems

yea sounds like u need fresh clucthes thats all.

Re: 2 speed puch shifting problems

i got this thing with 500 actual miles on it

i've been riding it for about 1 and half and now it has 1400 miles on it.

i don't think the clutch is the problem

Re: 2 speed puch shifting problems


Re: 2 speed puch shifting problems

i had a 2-speed Kreidler for a while. There were two centrifugal clutches, one right behind the other. One is the main clutch and the other is the shifting clutch. At a certain RPM, the second clutch would grab and engage 2nd gear.

If all the clutch pads are OK as far as thickness, and clutch springs are ok, i guess, there could be an oil leak from a seal or something and oil has gotten on the #2 clutch pads.

It sure seems like you have a slipping clutch.

Re: 2 speed puch shifting problems

Michael Nesson /

I have a 2sdp maxi...have you tried changing the trans. fluid. Use type"F"trans. fluid; it made a huge difference in the shifting. Don't overfill...9.5oz is the max!

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