ReWiring Tomos ignition system?

Matthew Yeah /

Does anybody have an engine wiring diagram for a Tomos A-3? I cannot find refernce to one on here or at

My A-3 had a bunch of broken/cut wires on it, and I am not very familiar with the setup of a 2 stroke ignition system. The coil has 3 inputs on it, right? Or are the two open spots(where it mounts to the frame) only ground points? Also, where do the 3 wires coming out of the magneto/points assembly go? They are blue, yellow and black.

Thanks for any assistance,


Re: ReWiring Tomos ignition system?

Jake Van Order /

There are a bunch on the web. I know I've had to reference it for my lady's bike a few time as well as before when I had one. just do a search.


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