Removing rust from a "Built in" tank?

I have a motobecane with a very rusty tank. I read the posts about shaking around a tank filled with bb's, nuts and bolts, etc. But what about when the tank will not come off? Is Rust removing creme enough? Which kind is best?

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

Mike Monigold /

You will find that all of your questions have been answered many times on this site. Just do a search for them.

I, also, have a moped with a built-in, rusty tank. I haven't started to restore it yet though. From what I have gathered, I will need to be able to flip the moped to treat the entire tank and to facilitate the draining of chemicals and coating of the tank. I plan on using ropes to the ceiling beams in my garage.

I have read that the creame kit comes with some sort of chemical rust remover. However, some people here have had good luck with a concrete etcher made by Behre that you can buy at Home Depot (you'll find this info in your search of posts).

Best of Luck!

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

You'll have to remove the engine, Kreem is using Phosphoric acid as the first step- it works good but it takes a long time if the tank is very rusty. But it is a mild solution and it will not burn a hole in your tank like some other acids do (Muriatic). Phosforic acid (Coca Cola contains this as well) is very good because it only goes after rust leaving clean metal intact), Some other products contains this type of acid: "OSPHO", POR 15 (I've heard it is much better than Kreem.

I used BB pellets (Walmart sells them for $5-4000 BB's)and degreaser first to remove rust flakes and it did work fine.

I used Zep industrial degreaser.

It takes a lot to line a tank, my local dealer charges $100 for cleaning and lining the tank and I think it is a good deal considering the time you'll spend.

Before you go to the extremes (Kreem or other acid) try flushing your tank with Kerosene and BB's, sometimes you can get away with this.

Or go to the nearest lawnmower-snowblower repair shop and get used gas tank from snowblower, install it on the back if you have little rack. Once you up and running- fill the tank with cleaning solution and drive around, this will save you engine removing process.

Some people are putting gravel stones in tank, this may work fine to.

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

Thanks for the help.

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

what if you just fill up the whole entire tank with kreem?

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

I would try milk first ;-)

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

milk??? i'v heard many stories of milk and removing ink stains from clothes and what not, but removing rust too???

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

yeah wtf milk? isnt milk alkalie? alka... alkalye? base?

Re: Removing rust from a "Built in" tank

Ahh.. Ha Ha I think Ziggy has Caught a few victims with his wicked humor. (Creme = Cream) All though I am not a chemistry expert, I advise against putting any dairy in your fuel tank.

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