moped Chokeing,I need help

Kevin Mcgee /

I have a 1999 Tomos Targa and i just put on a 70cc kit and warn it in. I have a size 60 jet. I have a stock exhuast. It keeps on chokeing and the top speed is 39. I dunno wut it is, please help.

Re: moped Chokeing,I need help

I'd take the choke plate off.

Re: moped Chokeing,I need help

I know nothing about tomos motors and little about 2cycles to start with but arent you supposed to upgrade the jet size so that you are providing enough fuel for the engine?

I will just mess with my Honda Express's for awhile and learn with them then I will probably work my way up to a tomos because from what Ive learned there are lots of modifications that can be done there.. Good Luck dude!

Re: moped Chokeing,I need help

John Joedicke /

Got to get that exhaust upgraded also, you are strangling the Targa with the original equipment pipe. At the very least put a Bi-Turbo on it with the kit and 60 jet.

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