whats a throttle, and where is it and what does it look like?

Re: throttle?


It is the control on the right handle bar that you turn to make the moped go. It allows more fuel and air to pass through the carb. and into the engine for combustion. The Throttle cable usually attachesto the top of the carb. and as you twist it the other end of the cable pulls up a Throttle Slide which opens allows more air and fuel to be pulled in the engine.


Re: throttle?

Thomas Malcolm /

Well, the throttle is the thing that makes your moped, motorbike, car, lawnmower, etc. go, basically.

It controls the amount of fuel and air that gets into the engine. To make a really long explanation short, the more fuel and air you put in an engine, the faster it goes. Typically, on a motorcycle or moped, the throttle is controlled by the right hand grip. You twist it toward you to open the throttle, and away to close it.

The twistie action pulls on a cable that suspiciously enough looks and works exactly like the brake cable on a regular, run-of-the-mill mountain bike. The other end of the cable is attached to your throttle, which is inside your carburator.

On my moped, the throttle is a cylider that slides up or down to block or unblock the flow of air into the engine, and it has a needle on the bottom of that cylinder that plugs or unplugs a hole that lets the gas into the engine.

Now, on my old Mustang, its totally different. It has a plate that blocks the air opening, and hitting the gas pedal turns that plate from a horizontal position (closed) to a vertical position (open).

If I've totally confused you, take a look at this:

and this:

They have some nice pictures and more than likely, better explanations that what I've given you.

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