It PAYS to check! Chris MWH,please read!

Well, as some of you might know, I have been running and breaking in a 70 cckit made ESPECIALLY at ChrisMWH's request over in Italy by a friend of his.

I bought 2 of these.

VERY FORTUNATELY for me, while getting ready for the long run up at Lake Erie, I decided to remove the Mag cover and check my points.

I was EXTREMELY surprised that when I turned the mag to TDC, I felt a definite click over(NOT compression caused)as if a tension had been released somewhere in the crankshaft dynamics.

Well, I hadn't heard any noises, so I asked a coupla' of pretty good 2-stroke guys what they thought. They BOTH said `run it'(`course they don't care for mopeds,either..LOL!).

Being pretty cautious tough, I took the head off just the same. LO and BEHOLD......the Piston was tapping the head, just as I had suspected!

The ONLY damage appears to have been to the wrist pin and upper bearing. I got these at Handy Bikes Wednesday afternoon and re-installed them before work. I found a little longer wrist pin at Handy Bikes that fit the 70cc piston better.

I have to take the head I had a squish band lathed into, or else use a thicker head gasket now. Apparently it was just too close to start with.

I may get the squish changed tomorrow at my Buddy's machine shop.

I was also surprised that after hundreds of break-in miles that there were still `cross-hatched' hone marks there. But compression was really high before, so that worries me not.

We'll see how it's gonna get a LONG test run Saturday, I hope! don-ohio (:^D


`Ped `til yer RED!' ......`NO SNAILS need apply! LOL!' don-ohio (:^D

Re: It PAYS to check! Chris MWH,please read!

Michael Bernier /

All the best for your LONG test run.

Re: It PAYS to check! Chris MWH,please read!

Thanks,Garelli!! I am having too much trouble believing I will get by without a hassle at the Canadian border. I will probably just make a long ride on this side of the lake,WEATHER PERMITTING,ofcourse!LOL!

Up at Handy Bikes,yesterday, there was a storm with drenching rain and ice like small hail.

That would be tough to get caught in while riding a bike.Ha! Lotsa' lightning too! don-ohio

Re: It PAYS to check! Chris MWH,please read!

good call! what type of damage was done to the upper bearing? Do you use clay to check the squish? good luck on the big ride, I've done it in a car and it seemed like a looong way!

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