repairing puch bent forks

Anyone of good lunk repair bent forks for a Puch? Any pointers are helpful.



Re: repairing puch bent forks

I was told you can only straighten a SLIGHT bend on forks. I just buy new ones if i bend `em.. don-ohio

Re: repairing puch bent forks

As I understand it, the chemical make of the metal is changed and it would be much weaker if straighted. They are not really bent, more of a twist in the front so the wheel is going a different direction.

A lady backed into it....

Re: repairing puch bent forks

No............not much weaker if straightened only once,really. To make for metal FATIGUE, it takes a second or third correction or more, UNLESS it's brittle like cast iron or brass OR bent severely over a short radius. don-ohio

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