Drain Plugs and Carburetor

OK -

A little help here -

I have been tinkering with my Puch Maxi moped and noticed that there are TWO drain plugs on the bottom. One I know is for the tranny fluid.

The second I am fairly certain is for the crank case. I opened it up and nothing came out. SOOO - how do you get oil into the crank case?

One other thing - my moped does not have a Bing Carb - it has one called a Deloro (?). Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

Leon Swarmer /


Unless you have the world's only 4 stroke Maxi you don't want oil sitting in the crankcase. That whole area gets lubed

from the oil mixed with the fuel.

Never been under to see the two plugs though. Wait for others to respond


Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

Leon - that's what I thought - so the drain plug has me a bit baffled.

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

Jason Luther /

i asked the same question months ago and noone answered me, and its been running great sense, so i just figure its a drain just in case something gets in there-jason

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

Jason Luther /

what kind of info on the carb are you looking for?

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

the Dell'Orto carb is an Itallian carb that was (to my knowledge) never originally fitted on the Austrian made Puchs. They are simple and reliable carbs that are easy to get parts for...but then so are the Bings. The standard Dell'Orto carb is the 14.12, the smaller 14.9 was sometimes fitted on 20-25mph bikes and the larger 14.14 or 15.15 are more performance oriented and with the exception of the Mexican Carabela (which used a 14.14 stock) were never used as stock carbs.

crankcase drain plug is for ...

draining fuel from it..

sometimes a bike is sitting for a long time and a leaking carb drips fuel till the crankcase fills with gas.. older bikes often have this additional drain plug.

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor


Thanks for the information on the Dell’Orto carb - I have the standard Dell’Orto carb - the 14.12 -.

Re: crankcase drain plug is for ...

Ah - that makes sense.

Thanks Joew

Re: Drain Plugs and Carburetor

Iiiiiiiii Died /

ray look at this!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: crankcase drain plug is for ...

have any of you opened a crank case,because i have a problem.My kick start was busted so i drilled a hole through the kick starter and put a pin through it.That has worked before. But this time I couldn't even move the thing. So I opened up the crank case, and i found the problem, it was a spring that had come off the gear on the starter. The problem is I can't figure out what the other end of the spring hooks up to. It is on a 1983 suzuki f50.Thanks

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