Please help my throttle broke

i was hoping someone had some info. I bought a 1991 tomos bullet about 3 days ago and i rode it a little bit yesterday i went to ride it and after i let it idle and got on i noticed the throttle was stuck so i turned it off. Then i reved it while i tried to start it again and it popped, now it will start but when i pull the throttle nothing happens i think the throttle cable broke or somthing but i never worked on one and dont want to mess it up since my dad just bought it for me.


Re: Please help my throttle broke

What brand carb does it have? Some of the older ones had Encarwi carburetors. The newer ones had a Dellorto. If the throttle `popped' down at the carb's top, that means you need a new cable. If it pulled loose from the top, or broke near the set-screw in the throttle on the handlebar, you may have enough cable left to remove the old cable end, cut the cable sheath back a coupla' inches,exposing better cable, and reattaching it. You should get a `shop manual for that bike. don-ohio

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