1980 Sachs Prima

Lonnie Kurowicki /

I am the owner of a 1980 Sachs Prima.

I have zero documentation on this machine.

I can figure most things out but not this one.

There seems to be a part that came loose/lost from the

middle-bottom of the cylinder head. Exhaust/pressure comes out of a small round hole, where the part used to be, only when the clutch cable is depressed.

Two questions.

1. Can someone help me to get a parts diagram for this moped?

2. What is this part that has been lost and how can I get a replacement part?

Re: 1980 Sachs Prima

There is no part missing, exhaust/pressure is supposed to come out of that hole. The clutch cable is also the decompression cable. The pressure releases and makes it easier to start the motor.

Re: 1980 Sachs Prima

Martin Ziskind /

Do you notice trans oil coming up the cable from the clutch to the decompression valve and spilling on the head?

I noticed the side cover has a vent channel which is blocked on my Sachs Sundancer.

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