Key Switch

I recently purchased 2 Indian mopeds one 1979 which is complete and one 1978 for parts. Both say AMI-50 on the engines. The only thing I don't have is keys. Does anyone know where I can buy a new key switch and gas cap with new keys?

Re: Key Switch

Although a new ignition switch and fork lock were available for a honda i have, i didnt want to pay the price. i don't know who has parts available for your bikes.

As far as making new keys, after a locksmith told me how much it would cost (about $30 each) i removed the lock barrels and hand filed a couple keys myself. This was no fun and i wouldn't recommend it except as an educational exercise.

But a locksmith might have other alternatives.. He may have replacement tumblers that will fit your locks. Anyway, give a locksmith a call.

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