puch maxi - no start

friend has a puch maxi i think about 1977 tho not sure about the exact age.

ped will not start. has been sitting without fuel for one year. previously ran well.

put gas in seems to be flowing..

any tips on where to begin?

1st thing on my list is checking for spark but then what?

Re: puch maxi - no start

i'de clean out the carb really well

use carb cleaner and spray it into every hole but wear safty glasses when doing this so you dont get the cleaner in your eye. ive heard so many storys about this.

ok so clean out the carb and use a small piece if wire to get into every little hole.

Re: puch maxi - no start

an engine basically needs compression and fuel and a spark .

Pull the plug and clean it. Then try spraying some Starter Fluid into the carb throat and see if it kicks over.. If so, all you need do is to cure the fuel delivery problem. So, as David S said, clean the carb.

Re: puch maxi - no start

thanks much. will try that. meantime is this the one that won't run without a working tail light?

Re: puch maxi - no start

Check out Fred's Guide on this site - it is a great little article for fixing the basics.


Re: puch maxi - no start

Jason Luther /

yeah, the tail, and head lights needs to work.-jason

Re: puch maxi - no start

and on some puchs the horn must also be connected. To bypass this for toubleshooting, take the two leads from the horn and connect them together.

Re: puch maxi - no start

thanks for all the suggestions. this little white puch is now running.

a little background. it is not mine but a lady of over 70 yrs old!

she asked me to 'look at it'. it was not running for 2 years, but the gas had been drained (good..) .

long story short. got a new NGk plug as the one i took out was totally rusted. fuel petcock was major clogged and will eventually need to be replaced. cleaned all that out , replaced the fuel line which was probably the original and with a blast of carb cleaner in the cylinder it fired right up! not bad me thinks.

bike has other various issues but now running with decent speed. most of the bike is original.

oh, and when i looked at the date of manufacture plate it said 1974!! how cool is that ?

a real testiment to the engineering that went into those peds.

Re: puch maxi - no start

Jason Luther /

yeah, puchs are fantastic!.its nice resurrecting an old ped huh? -jason

Re: puch maxi - no start

yeah that's what i thought when gas was spraying all over, lol.

i just wanted not to see this classic ped die.. the old lady prolly would have let it go to the dump or something.

heh, maybe i will inherit it from her someday...

it still needs a lot of work and some new parts (front suspension shot, exhaust leaking a bit) but it would certainly be restorable.

Re: puch maxi - no start

Jason Luther /

parts are very readily available and everyone here can help you along the way. looks like you caught the fever.-jason

Re: puch maxi - no start

update -

just put a new petcock on the little white puch today. much better now.

so now the only other non-original part on this ped is a new sparkplug.!!


t's just amazing i tell ya.

the old lady is ecstatic.. and immediately took it up the street for

a spin. that was a sight, heh heh...

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