1977 Puch Newport Cylinder Problems


This past weekend my farther in-law and I attempted to get his 1977 Puch Newport back on the road. It has been off the road for about 3-4 years. We drained what little gas was still in the tank (maybe 2-3 cups). Filled it up with new gas, 2 stroke oil, and lead substitute. Cleaned out the intake, and it started right up. So for the rest of the day we all took turns riding it around.

In the afternoon after one of the longer rides (30 min) the moped sat for about an hour, and when we went to start it back up the cylinder was locked up. I eventually got it unlocked, by holding the starting lever and pulling down and back on the bike till it finally moved the piston. we went on a few short test rides seemed fine. It then sat over night and was frozen again. I don;t want to do any more damage to the bike till we find out what is causing this and how we can prevent it. Any Ideas?

Thanks a ton.

Re: 1977 Puch Newport Cylinder Problems


I have a newport and I never heard of the piston sticking and then freeing up riding fine and sticking up again. It could be that there is dirt, and carbon build up on the piston and in the cylinder gumming up and preventing it from moving. Since it did not freeze up and sieze permenantly I would think that it is more of a dirty piston/cylinder issue.

Make sure to use ratio of gas to oil. I use a 50:1 mixture on my Puch. You never want to run the engine with out oil in your mixture. You could always take the cylinder head off and take a good look at the piston. But this would require you to purchase replacement gaskets.

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