Is Clicking in Transmission normal? AND Bogging

Hi All, Sorry for the duplicate. Respond to this message if you can help me. This message is complete.

I just started riding my 72 garelli and I have noticed that after I stop pedalling ( when the motor is not running ) it sounds sort of like the sound a ratchet makes when it is clicking ( when you are cocking it back for the next tighten or loosen). Is something wrong with it or is this a normal sound??

Also Does any body know the reason why my engine would bog down at low speeds? When I put on the choke while it is bogging it seems to Recover a bit. I can actually speed up quite well when I alternate Choke on Choke off Choke on Choke off etc. as I speed up and as I reach higher speeds the Problem seems to resolve itself... HHMMM

I don't have a Garelli air filter so have been using a Nylon stocking until I can find one (anybody know where to get one?) Could this be a factor?

Thanks for an assistance!

Re: Is Clicking in Transmission normal? AND Boggin

They usually bog when there's dirt in the carb passages or jet. It can also be due to a bad spark plug and/or points not gapped correctly. don-ohio

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