Is Clicking in Transmission normal? AND

Hi All,

I just started riding my 72 garelli and I have noticed that after I stop pedalling ( when the motor is not running ) it sounds sort of like the sound a ratchet makes when it is clicking ( when you are cocking it back for the next tighten or loosen). Is something wrong with it or is this a normal sound??

Also Does any body know the reason why my engine would bog down at low speeds? When I put on the choke while it is bogging it seems to Recover a bit. I can actually speed up quite well when I alternate Choke on Choke off Choke on Choke off etc. as I speed up and as I reach higher speeds the

Re: Is Clicking in Transmission normal? AND

I'd be draining the tranny fluid and adding the recommended oil with about 4 oz. of kerosene. Then operate the pedals and run it on the stand and operate the pedals a for not more than 5 minutes. Then drain all that out and refill with the proper oil to the proper level. That might free up any sticking `dogs' that have been causing a problem. If it starts working correctly, then drain and refill one more time with the recommended oil. don-ohio

WHOA! Disregard that for now!

Whoa! i missed the part about pedaling it and it's NOT running! SORRY! Does it have a separate pedaling chain? I'll bet it does? That is probably the freewheel at the rear wheel making that noise. Maybe you should oil it.

Again.....don't do the kerosene thingy unless the noise is coming from inside the tranny. don-ohio

Re: WHOA! Disregard that for now!

Josh Latour /

Hey Don,

Thanks for responding! It is a Single Chain model. The clicking appears to be coming from the Tranny. Do you think the Kerosene will work? The ped has sat for a long time since it was run last. Could the dogs just work themselves in or is it something that should be addressed now before real problems arise?The garelli has a rubber clutch ring. Will the Kerosene harm it?? I read in the Owners manual that the tranny should have oil up to the point where it comes out of the filler hole. However the shop manual states that 400cc is required. I put 400 cc in and it comes nowhere close to the filler hole level. What do you think the correct amount is??

w.r.t. the bogging problem. Prior to running it I took apart the carb and let it soak and cleaned it out fully. Could it really clog up that quick??

Thanks again for your help,


Re: WHOA! Disregard that for now!

Well.........maybe you'd better take the side cover off and have a look in there. Might be good preventive medicine?

If it were MY bike, I wouldn't be worried about 5 minutes of a 20% kerosene mix........but you probably ought to err on the side of caution.

If it takes 30 weight oil or 20 weight, you could probably free it up by putting half a quart of Dexron III or Type A tranny fluid in there with the new oil and running it several minutes.

You put the proper amount in there and it didn't come up to the level check screw on the side of the tranny? 400 cc is about 13.5 ounces isn't it? You sure you're looking at the correct screw hole?

I don't know Garellis very well.......I've been wanting to pick up a shop manual for them.

Yes......carbs can clog up easily when a ped has sat for a while. Clean it out once more and THIS time install a see-thru paper-pleated inline filter on the bike. Does your gas cap vent okay?

Stay in touch! don-ohio

Re: WHOA! Disregard that for now!

Josh Latour /

Hey Don,

Thanks again for your assistance!!

i pulled my gas cap off when I was driving and it didn't make a difference so I ruled that out as a source of problem....

There is only one fill hole that I know of on my garelli and right below it is the words "oilo" . I think I can be pretty sure its the right one! ha ha! I' think I'll take tthe cover off before I try any kerosene action though.... How would the tranny fluid free up the tranny? Would I need a new gasket upon reassembly or would I use a gasket goo type product??

I have a garelli shop manual. if you ever want one let me know and we can work something out!

Talk to you soon,


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