Kinetic engine question

Recently my Vespa Bravo engine blew, and there were none on ebay, so I thought I'd try a Kinetic engine since they are pretty much the same as the vespa engines. I have the engine on my moped right now, but I can't figure out which of the 3 wires coming out of the engine go where. There is a white, red, and yellow wire. Does anyone know what each wire is for? I'm pretty sure one is for the lights, one for the magneto, and the other one? Please let me know anything. Thanks alot. Oh, and don't try to send me a wiring diagram to figure it out, I already tried. I was completely lost!

Re: Kinetic engine question

Keith Kindig /

Oh and also would a Vespa carburetor work on the Kinetic engine? It fits on good and everything........

Re: Kinetic engine question

the carb should work, what year is the kinetic? There should be 4 wires coming off, I think red and white-to the CDI box, and yellow and black?-to the lights and such, the kinetic I just got rid of had conectors on the wires from the motor, so they just clipped on to the wiring harness

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