Bing 1/15/46A Gasket

How exactly do you get a new gasket to sit right in the Bings? I have installed a new gasket in this carb, yet it leaks out of the top of the bowl?

Or is this more of a float and needle problem? Should the fuel level go up that high in the bowl?



Re: Bing 1/15/46A Gasket

Most carbs have a vent hole above the bowl's top level.Generally on flat ground with the `ped pretty well level, the gas should shut off BEFORE it reaches the top of the bowl.

If it leaks out the top of the bowl, the needle valve is probably letting fuel seep thru.(I know Bings are different so wait for a Puch mechanic to clarify here.)

Temporary fix? Shut your petcock EVERY time you stop for over a few moments.

Permanent fix? New needle valve and clean the needle valve's seat and check that float has not gotten fuel into it,making it NOT FLOAT.


Re: Bing 1/15/46A Gasket

I will check it out. The fuel actually keeps leaking when it is running. I was trying to start the bike and it would not really start running. Start up for a second and then cut out. I think it might have been flooding? I ran into this before so I am hoping it is just the needle valve. I have a replacement Needle and Float on hand if I need to replace.

Re: Bing 1/15/46A Gasket

Yes......check for corrosion or dirt in the seat and replace it. I keep several Dellorto parts handy just in case. I even travel with a good float and several jets just in case, but i haven't had to use the float yet. I also carry an extra Banjo filter housing just in case I crack one. don-ohio

Re: Bing 1/15/46A Gasket

Jason Luther /

don, my dellorto carb fuel intake (flat plastic with the hose attachment) is broken off, are they easy to find?-jason

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