New air cleaner on a 87 fa50

I put a new air cleaner on my fa50 and now it does not seem to power when first taking off after stopping, when I remove the cleaner it is fine, load but fine has lots of power.

It idels great, with cleaner on or off, any help would be great.

Re: New air cleaner on a 87 fa50

what the filter is doing, is basically "smothering " (for lack of better term) the engine.

im not sure what you should do about it, and you should wait for others to respond

sounds to me like you need to either upjet, or downjet (again, i am not sure about which one, and you should wait for others to post)


Re: New air cleaner on a 87 fa50


What are the differences between the new air cleaner and the old air cleaner?

Did you change anything else while installing this new air cleaner?

And what do you mean by "air cleaner"? Do you mean a new air filter element ?

Re: New air cleaner on a 87 fa50

Yes a new filter element, there was no air cleaner on there when I got the bike, nothing else was changed on the bike

Re: New air cleaner on a 87 fa50

well, i have to guess that this new filter is restricting your air intake.. why that would be is a mystery.. new filter elements are well made and designed to cause the least amount of restriction possible.

I don't quite understand how you can add a filter element without having a air cleaner.. maybe it will help if we use the same definitions.

An air cleaner is like a metal box into which a filter element is placed. The entire assembly is called an air cleaner.

Then there are independent filter elements that need no box and slip over the carb's air horn and are attached with a rubber sleeve.

Re: New air cleaner on a 87 fa50

It's the whole air filter/cleaner unit, when I remove the whole unit it runs very well but it is very loud, when I reinstall the whole unit which I got from I lose power but the noise level is very low, hope this clearifies it for you

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