whoa help me plz

ok i have a 01 hero majestic gizmo. it ran fine and then i found the urge to modify it ot make it faster without knowing alot about what i was doing. i bored out the intake and ran to high in idle even with my idle screw adjuted all the way out or in. i wnt back to stock manifold sotck air box and stock everything. now it doesnt idle and the carb it came with comes with no other size jets. so i did a plug chop and it was dark... where do i go from here??? i needa new carb and a new jet. what kind of carb should i get and what kind of size bushing will i need for the carb to fit the manifold... and should i jet up or down???? plz help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee

Re: whoa help me plz

Assuming the plug is good(that's a BIG assumption), then you would NOT want a bigger jet. Opening up the stock airbox a LITTLE won't hurt anything.

Have you talked to BJ at Handy Bikes? 1-614-299-0550

When you did your plug chop, was the bike warmed up and running flat out at least for a half-mile on level ground?

Did you kill the engine and coast to a STOP? (WITH MANUAL TRANNIES you pull in the clutch and coast to a stop)

Why won't the original carb fit the original intake pipe? don-ohio

Re: whoa help me plz

well i talked ot BJ and i didnt really come up with many answers their. I opened up the airbox and now it doesnt drown out when i hit a good mph. i did another chop and it lookedl ighter but still not brown. So i think more holes in the airbox would be better cuz i still cant hold a good idle. is it possible to give it to much air???

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