problem with Honda express '78 NC50

Andy Espeset /

I hope someone can help me. My tailight is not working properly. It has 2 filaments in it, and one stays lit all the time, but the other one never lights up (it is suppossed to when I apply the brakes). I have fiddled with the wiring, put a new bulb in it and still cant get it to work. Is there a problem with the battery? I dont know whats going on. Any suggestions?

Re: problem with Honda express '78 NC50

first thing is buy a multimeter and learn how to use it.. Then you can check the wires and switches and bulbs and connections for shorts and grounding and continuity..

electrical problems are not easy to trace and are pretty much impossible to trace over the internet :)

btw, i have a '78 honda hobbit and i thought the brake light didn't work.. but it was working.. All i had to do was rev up the engine and the light got bright enough to see..

Re: problem with Honda express '78 NC50

Bulbs hafta have the proper wattage,too. When you put the new bulb in, was the brake light the same wattage? Yes, the taillight should be on constantly. You could have a bad ground of the brake light back there. Check the grounded side of the brake light bulb contacts. don-ohio

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