taillight wires stripped, need advice

Picks are attached, the wires in the rear leading into the housing are stripped on one side... looks like I may have to take apart the whole back end of the bike (remove the rear tire) to get the housing off...

Someone please give advice on alternatives or an easier way to remove the housing? Are there stick-on taillights anyplace?

Thanks in advance,



Re: taillight wires stripped, need advice

Randall F /

pick of front end of bike with the bare wires... stripped end is in the first post


Re: taillight wires stripped, need advice

Randall F /

Also to note, on the left side where theres no connector, it seems like theres no wire inside of the rubber wire jacket...

Re: taillight wires stripped, need advice

I can't see the pics from work here,Rand, but get it fixed right. The taillight and brake light stand between you and death many times. Being seen is the most important thing on a moped.

Ike's Bikes has all that stuff and so does Chris MWH. There should be 2 10mm headed bolts that hold that on your fender. Also check the wiring going thru the sheath along the underside of the fender. The taillight generally takes a 10 watt bulb for the brake and a 5 watt bulb for the taillight. don-ohio

Re: taillight wires stripped, need advice

Leon Swarmer /


tell us more.

what is and isn't working on this bike? Did it once have turn signals? If the taillight/brake light isn't working, I'd want to start by taking off the lens and looking there. I did not see stripped wires in the pack of the rear, just the front.

The front looked like there were ready to connet to a switch or a lamp. Do you have a kill switch on this ped?

Lots of question...no answers, sorry.

PS. from another post..some pedders buy and use boaters horns that used tiny cans of compressed air...really LOUD.


Re: taillight wires stripped, need advice

Gregory Mcintire /

If the tire is in your way, and you don't want to remove it, how about letting the air out of the tire to give you more room for a wrench to be applied to the hardware on the underside of the fender.

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