Puch Throttle Cable

I just got a new throttle cable for my Puch Newport. I installed it last night. First, it does not fit well. Second, it took away from my top speed! Doh! I am going to go back to the old one. Save this one for rainy day.

I got the cable from the Mopedjunkyard. Are there other brands of throttle cables that would fit better?



Re: Puch Throttle Cable

Sounds like your cable is too long and is not pulling the throttle cylinder and needle valve up high enough in the carb to give you the full top end speed

Is the throttle cable the type with a button on the carb end and just a plain cable end on the other or does it have a barrel connector on the throttle end?

You can use the throttle adjuster on top of the carb at the elbow pipe to lenghten the cable sheath which will take some of the slack out of the new cable.

Re: Puch Throttle Cable

Yes, I have heard of the throttle cables on Puchs varying in length. A small engine mechanic or MC mechanic can cut that cable and make it work great. don-ohio

Re: Puch Throttle Cable

Cutting the throttle cable can be a pain in the ass, but here are some tips I've learned in the past (probably from people like don-ohio...)

Only do this if it's one of those, "slide the cable into the thing and then screw the screw to the cable, holding it in place" deals... if it has one of those fat cylinders on top that you need, don't do it yourself unless you can weld or something.

1.) When cutting the cable, wrap it in electrical tape. Then, cut the cable in the middle of the electrical tape. This will make the wires not fray all over the place and make it a million times easier to put into the slide to screw back in.

2.) Put the throttle at full, slide the cable in, then close the throttle... at the point where you set the screw, make a mark, and cut it to just before that mark so you have a little extra.

3.) Be really careful not to screw up... hahaha ;)

Good luck!

Re: Puch Throttle Cable

Jason Luther /

its not the lenght of the cable, but the amount of lead at either end. there is plenty of adjustment at the trottle and at the carb, so unless you have the totally wrong cable, itll work. hook it up to the carb first, then attach it to the trottle. use the right angle tube thingy to adjust the cable tension most effectively. look through the intake of the trottle and adjust the tension to where it just starts to lift up the carb slide.-jason

Re: Puch Throttle Cable

Well.....that's true in a way,Jason, but too much cable sheath gives slack to the pulling motion. Not so serious with a throttle,but bad concerning brakes and clutch cables.

I always cut the end off the sheath if it's much too long, taking care of course to allow for the turning movement of the handlebars. don-ohio

Re: Puch Throttle Cable

you seem to have a couple of good suggestion already, but if you need to replace the cable or get the right size next time, i would recommend the guys a handybikes. (www.handybikes.com) i got a magura throttle assm. and cable from them for my casal, (same controls for puchs) and it worked out real nice. they do good stuff there and deliver on time. just a suggestion.


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